martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009


Today is my first day as a blogger, I hadn´t been so interest about bloggs but, always our opinion changes.
I also don´t know why i´m writting in english, maybe because my humor today, I was so angry and I wanted to keep some ass but i didn´t because I am not like that: I don´t have strength on my body, and sometimes when the air is blowing I feel like I can´t walk fast, I don´t know how explain it but it is funny.

I am so close to my family, I love them, when I think in the day that I am going to go to study in another city and it is not to cool, but I want to go! BUT in my opinion you never grow up if you won´t leave your family´s house.

My passion: Fashion(L) it is the best for me, some people believe that this world is superficial and I think that is the side that you see it. I started to sew month ago and I love it, my grandmother teaches all that she knows and helps me to learn more and more, she gives to me clothes that she doesn´t wear and I have to say that her clothes is awsome.