viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

And I lost my cellphone and I have new sunglasses

This week have been hard to me because I lost my cellphone!!! And I really loved it but I have hope, I feel that it will come back. Here when someone find a cellphone the 90% won´t return to their owner, just take off the chip and they keep it!!! and I know my cellphone is somewhere with someone, and I hope that the person who found it will realize that is not of him. And he will return it to me, so I cross my fingers, and i told to everyone about that.

 I was so SAD, because my boyfriend lives in another city and I can´t communicate with him, and a friend mine after my english classes told me: Hey lets go to buy some bread and he bought me 2 piece of bread and they were delicious and made me happy, it´s funny because when I am sad always eat something, I wear something cute and I feel better, and my friend was laughing about that.
That was two days ago, and now I realize that the cellphone is some material thing and I can get another and I stop cry :$.

And my friend took me a lot of pictures, and in just one I could notice.

 Today a classmate gave to me this sunglasses, are so cool, I had anothers heart sunglasses but they were blue and I broke it!!

I made the t-shirt
sunglasses: a gift
skirt: a gift from my ant
I know: my blog is that it lacks a few things, but be on the lookout for this better I promise:)

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  1. love the shirt!